About Me.

My name is Chris Hanel, and I’m a designer/generalist by trade. In 2014, I started Support Class, a group that develops solutions for professional livestreams.

Before heading out on my own, I worked in the game industry for almost a decade as an artist and designer, shipping everything from Guitar Hero ports at Budcat Creations to a triple-A MMORPG for NCSoft.

I’ve also worked at Full Tilt Poker (pre-Black Friday), written for Rifftrax, put in time as a filmmaker and VFX Supervisor, and created a successful webcomic. I am, as one job interviewer once put it, “…a bit hard to nail down”.

I was born and raised in Iowa. Yes, the state with the corn. No, I didn’t live on a farm.

I’m married to a lovely lady who is much cooler than I am.

You can find me on Twitter, Dribbble, and Linkedin.